When I made the film “Perspective”, I was so shocked at the incredible feedback and exposure it gave me.  I never thought a short film made with Phantom 3 pro would do so well.  So what did I do after that?  Buy a new drone and book a trip to Oregon of course!

I decided to buy the Inspire Pro X5.  I bought, took it to a trip to the great lakes in Michigan, it broke while traveling, and had to send it in for repair.  But I still had my trip to Oregon!  My repair wasn’t going to be done in time so I decided to rent an X5R (shoots actual raw video).

Got the rental, got on the plane, headed out to Eugene, OR and just drove around Oregon stopping at places I thought might be rad to drone.

Got some incredible footage!  All in one day!  My trip was supposed to be 3 days.  Why did I only film one day? The drone crashed.  Sort of.  Battery was getting low, brought the inspire to land, the landing gear wouldn’t work, battery died, drone fell only a couple of feet but landed right on the camera.  You know, the super expensive camera I rented.  You can read more about it in my interview with From Where I Drone.

But lets get back to the film.  Since I only had a days worth of footage, I had to think of how I could make a film.  The scenery I saw in Oregon was just unreal!  It was like I was in a dream. I didn’t want the film to be like every other aerial film you see.  So I tried to make the film as if it were an actual dream.  Leaving some mystery, some eerie yet majestic vibe.  One thing that I NEEDED to add to this film that I wish I had added to my last aerial film “Perspective” was ambient noise.  Adding the ambient noise really brought this film to life. I added SO much ambient noise in post production.  Take a look at a screen shot of my timeline in Adobe Premiere Pro CC.  All of that green is audio I added:

When sharing the film, I got so many mixed reactions.  Some people loved it, some people “didn’t get it”.  One thing i’ve learned is not everyone is going to like your art/work.  But that’s ok.  That’s not going to stop me from chasing my passion for filmmaking.  A Fleeting Dream is one of my favorite films that i’ve created regardless if others like or hate it.  It has special meaning to me and it challenged me in so many ways. 

Luckily I had a few articles posted about it.  Outside Magazine shared the film HERE, along with From Where I Drone HERE, and also the Digitial Circuit HERE.  So I guess some people must have liked it 😀

Cheers to broken drones and epic aerial footage.

A FLEETING DREAM from Jay Worsley on Vimeo.