Its crazy the people you meet throughout your life.  One person i’ve had the honor of becoming good friends with is Mike Olbinski.  I’ve talked about him in other past projects like Desolate Places and LOST // DISCOVERED: Arizona.

What does Mike do?? Other than shooting weddings, Mike has a huge passion for storm chasing.  So me being the type of person who loves showcasing others passions in life, I decided to make a film with him. 

Mike took me along a short trip through Oklahoma and Texas CHASING TORNADOS!! WHAT?? CRAZY!!  Never thought I would get to do something like that.  And it was so fun!  What was even more fun was seeing Mike like a little kid at Christmas.

The film is still in progress but it will be done sometime soon.  Maybe.  Storm chasing is seasonal so just gotta go with the flow.  Here’s a little teaser I made for the film.  More to come and more to chase!