jay worsley

14 Jan 2017

When I made the film “Perspective”, I was so shocked at the incredible feedback and exposure it gave me.  I never thought a short film made with Phantom 3 pro would do so well.  So what did I do after that?  Buy a new drone and book a trip to Oregon of course! I decided […]

16 Nov 2016

Kevin Sorbo.  Hercules.  I really don’t think theres much else to say. Ok i’ll say more.  He is awesome!  Great guy who loves God, loves people, and loves his career past and present. I was approached to film him for a project with Dixon Golf.  The film isn’t public yet but I’m sure Dixon will […]

14 Jun 2016

Its crazy the people you meet throughout your life.  One person i’ve had the honor of becoming good friends with is Mike Olbinski.  I’ve talked about him in other past projects like Desolate Places and LOST // DISCOVERED: Arizona. What does Mike do?? Other than shooting weddings, Mike has a huge passion for storm chasing.  […]

20 May 2016

New York always holds a special place in my heart.  Not just because it’s awesome, but also because I proposed to my wife there right under the big Christmas tree in Rockefeller center some 9 or so years ago. While I had some downtime, I decided to walk a few blocks from my hotel, listen to“The […]

11 Mar 2016

Why falling to my death?  Well there’s a story.  There’s always a story 🙂 First, listen to the “Lost Discovered” Spotify playlist while reading this. Back to the story.  After our first trip for LOST // DISCOVERED: Arizona, we all knew we had to do another trip AND I had to make another film.  I […]

18 Nov 2015

Listen to my “Inspires me to Inspire“ Spotify playlist while reading My buddy Mike Olbinski had an idea.  Lets create an epic film showcasing all of the awesomeness in Arizona.  But we will do it with aerial cinematography and time-lapses. Mike is kind of like “THE” time-lapser in the US.  Well at least to me. […]

06 Mar 2015

Listen to the LOST // DISCOVERED Spotify playlist while reading 🙂 Man… it is absolutely insane the journey it has been to get here today.  I will spare all the nostalgic blah blah blah stuff and just say I am beyond grateful to even have opportunities to create something like this. LOST // DISCOVERED: Arizona […]