Beautiful emotive piece!
Stepping back, it’s not explanatory enough for it to tick the box of how the hotel is at the forefront of innovation in meetings & events (going back to brief), especially in how the SkyFloor/SkySuite Hotel-within-hotel concept comes across

Agree with Costa Rica reference at the beginning

1:35 VO “Connection is such an important thing to me. When the world needs to connect, they look to silicon Valley.” Could be intro?
Then :27 VO “Having that ability to cross the line and color outside the box”
This sets the scene for innovation, what’s new, what’s different, why it’s relevant?

Love the ipad shots

“Hunger for something different” – doesn’t go with shot of Angela walking by herself

00:28 starting out of the window seems wistful and sad and not sure of the value to storry?

Parts of Noe in Sky Suite is beautiful

Add Super of Sky Suite sooner to provide context?

:44 Floor to ceiling windows seems like a big jump
Part of Angela is so brief – do you get that it’s the same woman who picked up her notebook and walked across to the Suite?

:53 “Delivered in Style” – shot coffee being made doesn’t go with VO
Could we add Super of Broadcast Studio then … Delivered in Style voiceover?

Sky Suite Introduced at 1:29 – seems out of place.

1:31 – is there a shot of Monica in not a closed posture with her arm across herself

“I’m here to coach, inspire and power you … “ – could be a great ending

Any scenes with Noe interacting with clients? Or did those not get added due to COVID guidelines from the brand?

Any voiceovers of what Sky Suite is? Maybe adding piece where Angela walks out of her guest room into Sky Suite? Again, needs more context