A love for capturing “moments”.  Some moments are fast and others are hard to see.  I have this ridiculous passion to capture moments that otherwise may go unseen. Searching for emotion and story and attempting to share it through my lens

Having the opportunity to create something original is addicting. I absolutely love telling the story of others going on a journey, experiencing life changing situations, or even just being super artsy and way out there.  Attempting to show others a peek into the vision I have for film is a feeling that just makes me happy. I have been so lucky to have had films win awards and be official selections for film festivals across the nation.

In the learning process of cinematography, photography emerged at the same time.  Being able to snap a photo and have it say so much is very powerful.  I used to tell myself that I wasn’t a photographer, but it is such a huge part in what I do for filmmaking.


I’m one of those crazy passionate people.  I find something I’m passionate about and my head just explodes with ideas, opportunities, and memories. Sometimes it drives my wife crazy.

I  have this idea that there is an insane amount of beauty in the world.  Whether in the deep forest, the sandy beaches, or even in the people surrounding us.  This idea that there is endless story and beauty every where you look.  That is what I poor into my films and any project I am lucky to be a part of. I’m a husband to an eternally-patient wife, father to two of the most personality-filled kids.

I own another film company called Everly Films.  That is kind of like my baby.  My first “successful” business.  Telling stories of incredible brides and grooms on their special day.

Thank you so much for checking out my site.  It’s always so crazy to me to be so vulnerable showing original.  I hope at least something here inspires you in some way.



A short film showing the beauty of the desert, forest, ocean, winter, summer, and more all from very unique perspectives. The film challenges the audience to view things in more than one way. To see that just by changing your perspective, something can come to life and become beautiful in a new way.

Desolate Places

The second installment of the LOST // DISCOVERED series. A journey of three photographers and a filmmaker searching for their own uncharted wild west. Exploring what was unknown to them. Asking the questions, “What truth might be hidden if we just press a little further?” Attempting to capture God’s beauty of through megapixels and try to convince those back home of its magnitude.


A short film about searching for beauty in Northern Arizona. Searching for something that you can’t find in the city. Away from all the chaos and distraction, an emotion arises inside of you. An emotion that wakes you up to the beauty that is essentially right in our backyards.

Aerial Photography Prints

I have been beyond lucky to go to some insanely beautiful places while filming on different projects.  I cannot help but take a photo while my drone is in the air.

It’s incredible what you can see just by changing your perspective.

You can purchase prints of those photos from Big Sur, Arizona, Colorado, Montana, Oregon, New Mexico, Utah, and so much more



Randomness, Adventures, Thoughts, Ideas, and Everything Else

11 July 2016

Falling to My Death… Filming “Desolate Places”

Why falling to my death?  Well there’s a story.  There’s always a story 🙂 First, listen to the “Lost Discovered” Spotify playlist while reading this. Back to the story.  After our first trip for LOST // DISCOVERED: Arizona, we all knew we had to do another trip AND I had to make another film.  I […]

11 July 2016

The $525 Fine // Chasing Arizona Project

Listen to my “Inspires me to Inspire“ Spotify playlist while reading My buddy Mike Olbinski had an idea.  Lets create an epic film showcasing all of the awesomeness in Arizona.  But we will do it with aerial cinematography and time-lapses. Mike is kind of like “THE” time-lapser in the US.  Well at least to me. […]

11 July 2016

My First Indie Film

Listen to the LOST // DISCOVERED Spotify playlist while reading 🙂 Man… it is absolutely insane the journey it has been to get here today.  I will spare all the nostalgic blah blah blah stuff and just say I am beyond grateful to even have opportunities to create something like this. LOST // DISCOVERED: Arizona […]


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